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gimp-splashA volte mi arrivano richieste di informazioni sull’installazione di plugin extra per GIMP.

C’è chi per disperazione si perde nei meandri dell’utilissimo senza però sapere che, per avere i plugin più utili, è necessaria solo l’installazione di un unico pacchetto aggiuntivo, già presente nei repository universe.

Dopo aver dunque abilitato tali repository, vi basterà installare il pacchetto gimp-plugin-registry per avere tutto ciò di cui di solito si ha bisogno. per installarlo potete usare il vostro apt grafico preferito, oppure digitare in un terminale il semplice comando:

sudo apt-get install gimp-plugin-registry

Dalla descrizione del suddetto pacchetto possiamo farci un’idea di quanti e quali plugins sono inclusi nel pacchetto:

  • Add Film Grain (2.4):

Helps adding realistic film grain to BW images.

  • Black and White Film Simulation (1.1):

Converts the selected layer into Black and White using
the channel mixer. Tries to produce results resembling
tonal qualities of film.

  • Contact Sheet:

Generates a contact sheet(s) for a directory of images.

  • David’s Batch Processor (1.1.7):

A simple batch processing plugin for The Gimp – it allows
the user to automatically perform operations (such as resize)
on a collection of image files.

  • Diana-Holga2 (3 juin 2008):

Diana/Holga Toys Cameras effect simulator.

  • Exposure Blend (1.3b):

Prompt for 3 images in a bracketed exposure series (e.g. 0,-2,+2 EV)
and blend these into a contrast enhanced image.

  • Fix-CA (3.0.2):

Corrects chromatic aberration in photos

  • Focus-Blur (3.1.5):

This plugin tries to simulate an out-of-focus blur

  • GREYCstoration (2.8):

A tool to denoise, inpaint and resize images

  • Layer-Effects (2.4):

This script implements the following effects:
add border, bevel and emboss, color overlay, drop shadow,
gradient overlay, inner glow, inner shadow, outer glow,
pattern overlay, satin.

  • Liquid Rescale (0.4.0-4):

Content-aware rescaling. Keeps the features of the image while
rescaling along a single direction.

  • Normalmap (1.2.1):

Allows you to convert images into RGB normal maps for use in
per-pixel lighting applications.

  • Planet Render (1-2):

Creates a planet. Color, size and sun orientation
can be set.

  • Refocus (0.9.1):

The GIMP plugin to refocus images using FIR Wiener filtering.
During image processing operations such as scanning and scaling, images
tend to get blurry. The blurred impression of these images is due to the
fact that image pixels are averaged with their neighbors. Blurred images
don’t have sharp boundaries and look as though they have been taken with
an unfocussed camera.

  • Save for Web (0.28.5):

Allows to experiment with various popular web format options. It shows
an automatically updated preview and file size statistics.

  • Separate+ (0.5.1):

Separate+ is a plug-in that generates color separations from an RGB
image, proofs CMYK colors on the monitor and exports the CMYK TIFF file.

  • Smart Sharpen (redux) (2.4):

This script implements the redux version of smart sharpening. It utilizes
the Unsharp Mask or Refocus plugin to sharpen the image.

  • Streak-Camera simulation (0.6):

A streak camera images an object through a slit –
thus getting a “one dimensional image”. This image is
propagated along the second dimension of the image plane
at a constant speed. The result is a picture of the time
dependency of the object.

  • Wavelet Denoise (0.2-beta):

The wavelet denoise plugin is a tool to selectively reduce noise in
individual channels of an image with optional RGB<->YCbCr conversion.
It has a user inteface to adjust the amount of denoising applied. The
wavelet nature of the algorithm makes the processing quite fast.


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