[HOWTO] integrate GWT within eclipse


Hi guys!
This time we’ll talking about  integration of Google Web Toolkit within the most powerful Java’s IDE: Eclipse.
This HOWTO is independent from linux’s distro which you have,  you can follow it on every distro.


First, you have to download and install eclipse for Java EE from:


untar your download with:

$: tar -xvvzf eclispe_version_that_you_have.tar.gz

Now, you should have your IDE ready to work.
It’s time to download/install google web toolkit on Eclipse.
Go to  “Help” > “Install New Software”  and type


as shown in the picture:

Now, select “Plugin” and “SDKs” and click on “Finish”.
You have installed GWT and App Engine (http://code.google.com/appengine/).
Easy peasy right?


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