Blender 2.61 Cycles: Where is Cuda/OpenCL device option?


With the new Blender release (2.61.4 in date 2012-01-25), the Cycles rendering system has been integrated inside the main branch, but i’ve been disappointed because i can’t find any of the existing device options (Device and GPU Type in case of a GPU device) like it was until now, as viewable in the picture:

Instead of it, in the last few days i’ve found this panel, with a confusing Feature Set  menu that lets you choose from Supported or Experimental feature:

But where the hell are the CUDA and OpenCL panels? And the

Here it is the new (orrible!) position of the CUDA and OpenCL configuration panel, where now you can choose the rendering method and also the dedicated video card(multiple video card aren’t supported yet – 2012-01-25):

You can view it by pressing Ctrl+Alt+U (or going into File–>Preferences) and going to the System Panel, here look for the Compute Device settings.


Happy Blending


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